Jessica Simpson Stunning Toned Legs in a Short Black Skirt and High Heels

Jessica Simpson tooled through LAX in a lacy short skirt and high heels. She’s been enjoying displaying her toned legs over the last few weeks.

jessica legs jessica legs

Jessica Simpson Crossed Legs on Today Show in a Short Dress and High Heels

Jessica Simpson showed off her stunning crossed legs in a short mini dress and high heels for an appearance on the Today Show. The lace black and white dress showed off her toned legs nicely.

jessica simpson today show jessica simpson today show


Jessica Simpson is Back Looking Fantastic in Knee High Boots and Short Skirt

It’s been a long while since Jessica Simpson has looked this good. She finally had her litter of kids and has worked on successfully losing the baby weight. She looks great. Her curves are amazing as they have always been and we are beginning to see some sexy definition in her legs. She was photographed this week wearing a pair of hot knee high stiletto boots over printed tights and a short skirt. I am happy the sexy Jessica has returned.

jessica simpson thigh high boots jessica simpson thigh high boots

Jessica Simpson Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels

Jessica Simpson went to dinner wearing a short skirt that really showed off her sexy legs nicely. The top is big and billowy but there appears to be a short skirt under it which has the unfortunate effect of covering her voluptuous curves. She has been up and down with her weight/fitness lately but she recovered enough to really show off some good work here. Her gorgeous legs appear toned and fit and fully accentuated in her pretty high heels.

Jessica Simpson sexy legs in high heelsJessica Simpson sexy legs in high heels