Jessica Simpson Sexy Legs and Curves in Silky Mini Dress

Jessica Simpson paraded her cleavage and sexy legs around NYC in a revealing silk mini dress and stiletto over the knee boots. She looks sexy but I’m still not convinced lingerie inspired pieces as outerwear is all that classy. But that is where our sex drenched culture is today. It certainly was attention getting so in that regard the outfit did its job well.

jessica simpson jessica simpson


Jessica Simpson Candy Stripe Bikini Cleavage

Jessica Simpson showed off her stunning bikini cleavage in a candy striped bikini in a sexy little Instagram snap. Every once in a while we are presented with a fabulous selfie of her stunning assets. She’s not as prolific or thankfully even as raunchy as others, but she does deliver in inspiring pics of her fabulous curves and great legs.

bikini selfie JS

Jessica Simpson on Leno and Ellen Has Extreme Cleavage With Huge Boobs

Jessica Simpson made the rounds yesterday on the talk shows. She stopped off at Ellen wearing a a pretty white knit dress. Later she went on Leno and wore a short and funky black dress. The common denominator of both appearances were her huge boobs. She displayed an amazing amount of cleavage on both shows. Bonus was her gorgeous legs on Leno. As an aside I will say that Leno’s camera guy sucks ass. As the talent is walking in to the interview they never show a full body shot. So if you want to check out legs and high heels you are out of luck. Plus when they sit down they have that damn table in the way. His 10pm failure show was much better in this regard. Anyway, Jessica looked gorgeous. she managed to show off her legs nicely as she crosses her legs more sexy than just about any other actress working today. Her legs are toned and shapely and her high heels on Leno were fantastic. These appearances were incredible.

jessica_simpson_leno_cleavage1jessica simpson leno cleavage and legs in high heels
jessica simpson on ellen huge cleavage
jessica simpson on ellen huge cleavage
jessica simpson on ellen huge cleavage
jessica simpson on ellen huge cleavage

Jessica Simpson is Busty and Leggy in a Short Red Dress

Jessica Simpson has great legs that she so ably displays in a short dress. The dress also does a great job of showing off her gorgeous cleavage.  It is low cut and allows for a nice view of her big boobs.The dress is rather high waisted and frames the bottom of her breasts nicely while supporting them. And her high heels for women do a nice job of accentuating her sexy legs. This is some good work.

Jessica Simpson has big boobs and is leggy in a red dressJessica Simpson has big boobs and is leggy in a red dress

Jessica Simpsson in a Long Tight Dress Showing Her Busty Curves

Jessica Simpson shows off her luscious curves wearing a long, yet very tight, dress. I don’t know what it is about that dress but it pushes up her boobs to an enormous size. She also has on a pair of sexy high heels which accentuate her hot legs nicely. I heard from other bloggers who said the woman is fat. Um, no. The woman is voluptuous. She is fit and curvy. I have no problem with the way she looks. Oh, and get a load of the blonde behind Simpson in the high heels and black dress. Hot.

Jessica Simpson breasts in a long dress Jessica Simpson breasts in a long dress