Jessica Simpson in Red, White and Blue Sexy Patriotism

Jessica Simpson showed her patriotism in a sexy little red, white and blue bikini that showed off her fabulous figure. It’s an oldie but goodie of her slim body. Probably before she was having children, not that she doesn’t look fabulous now. Her wholesome and freshness was part of her appeal back in the day.

jessica simpson bikini


Jessica Simpson in a Curves Revealing Dress

Jessica Simpson oozes sex appeal posing in a revealing dress featuring her sexy curves and lovely legs. When she is on top of her fitness she has incredibly toned legs. They look great in the sexy pumps. Not wild about the hair but her figure is banging.



Jessica Simpson Stunning Toned Legs in a Short Black Skirt and High Heels

Jessica Simpson tooled through LAX in a lacy short skirt and high heels. She’s been enjoying displaying her toned legs over the last few weeks.

jessica legs jessica legs