Jessica Simpson in Tight Jeans and Towering High Heels

Jessica Simpson looks like she has gotten herself trimmed down a bit wearing a pair of tight skinny skinny that she has paired with gorgeous leopard print platform high heels. She looks good as she makes her way through the airport. Love the skinny jeans with the high heels. Makes her sexy legs look toned and long. I think she has always had nice style and find her very fashionable.


Jessica Simpson Visits GMA in a Sexy Red Dress and Towering High Heels

Jessica Simpson has been making the rounds promoting her reality show on all the talk shows. It gives us a good chance to see her in form fitting dresses and sky high heels, which obviously allows for a nice view of her voluptuous curves and gorgeous legs. These photos show her visiting GMA in a hot red dress and sexy high heels.

Jessica Simpson visits GMA in a red dress and heelsJessica Simpson visits GMA in a red dress and heelsJessica Simpson visits GMA in a red dress and heels

Jessica Simpson in a Tight Striped Knit Tank Dress

Jessica Simpson is wearing an incredible striped tank dress at the ATT National Golf Tournament in MD. It is very tight and hugs her fabulous curves like a second skin. This dress is perfect for this voluptuous babe. And she looks fantastic. She looks toned and fit and very pretty. Summer does this chick good. Her boobs are simply amazing under this dress. Very perky. Very full. Huge even. Just a whole lot of fun to look at.

Jessica Simpson ATT National Golf Tournament in MDJessica Simpson ATT National Golf Tournament in MD

Jessica Simpson in a Cleavage Enhancing Black Dress

Jessica Simpson has really been stepping up the hotness lately. I’ve been seeing her in tons of celeb photos recently looking very nice. I really like this low cut and tight black dress she is wearing in these photos. Her curves look great and I really like seeing a peek of her gorgeous legs. Her legs are really incredible. She always accentuates her gams wearing towering high heels. Most folks drool over the thought of her bountiful bust but really her legs are incredible. See, genetics gave Simpson a gift with the huge and perfect boobs, but to have shapely legs like she does requires extra effort that only happens when you work out.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is Busty in Vanity Fair

The celebutard blogs are having their fun at slamming Jessica Simpson this week. Seems she made the cover of Vanity Fair. They aren’t impressed. I am. I think she looks smoking hot as usual. Nice cleavage revealing dresses and a good view of her sexy legs in high heels. I don’t really care much for Jessica Simpson the singer/actress. But Jessica Simpson the sex symbol/model works for me just fine. She has an incredible body. And she cares enough to keep it decorated nicely and fit and toned. All that talk about her being fat was crap. That outfit she wore with teh mom jeans was heinous. But she still had a nice figure no matter how badly it was covered up.


Jessica Simpson’s Behind is Alright

Jessica Simpson’s behind doesn’t get a lot of attention in celeb blog’s photos. Not sure why. It’s world class just as much as her much ballyhooed DD chest and her sexy legs. So I’ve decided to post up a sweet looking photo of Jessica and her sexy ass wrapped in a tight black dress. The high heels are little clunky for my taste but they are still pretty cool. I dig the look. As a matter of fact I like her back. Very soft and sexy looking. I like that little smirk on her face as well, like “yea I know you dig my ass.” Why yes Jessica, that is affirmative.