Jessica Simpson Shapely Legs in a Mini Dress and Towering Louboutin Stilettos

Jessica Simpson left her hotel in NYC wearing a short little black number with towering Christian Louboutin high heels. Her legs were on full display s she enjoyed showing off the incredible amount of tone and shape in those thighs and gams. She’s almost to the point of overdoing her leg workouts. Great looking sleek and shapely legs are one things but muscular weight lifting trunks are quite another. I’m not ready to call it but that muscle definition is getting close to unappealing. Regardless she looks great.

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson Sexy in a Red Bikini and Daisy Duke Shorts

Jessica Simpson modeled a sexy little red bikini for Instagram and her husband seems suitably impressed. They seem to enjoy showing off Jessica’s sex appeal for their audience. She definitely keeps herself in fine shape and does a great job of revealing her stunning curves. Well done and thanks for sharing.

jessica simpson


Jessica Simpson Sexy Legs in Over the Knee Boots and Mini Dress

Jessica Simpson looked rather fetching in a long sleeved mini dress paired with sexy overt the knee high heel boots. Her hair looked good this time as it was nicely pulled up into a rocking pony tail. That purse she is toting around looks ridiculous though. At what point does a handbag just become a duffel bag?

Jessica Simpson Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Sexy Legs and Curves in Silky Mini Dress

Jessica Simpson paraded her cleavage and sexy legs around NYC in a revealing silk mini dress and stiletto over the knee boots. She looks sexy but I’m still not convinced lingerie inspired pieces as outerwear is all that classy. But that is where our sex drenched culture is today. It certainly was attention getting so in that regard the outfit did its job well.

jessica simpson jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson Stunning Toned Legs in a Short Black Skirt and High Heels

Jessica Simpson tooled through LAX in a lacy short skirt and high heels. She’s been enjoying displaying her toned legs over the last few weeks.

jessica legs jessica legs