Jessica Simpson is Leggy in Country Dress

Jessica Simpson is really embracing her country style. And I’m not sure anyone can work a country girl look better than Jessica. Here she is sitting in a pickup truck in a sexy country dress. I still say that boots and a dress are kinda of stupid together, but whatever gets Jessica showing off her thighs is OK by me. The thing that I’m further drawn to in this photo is her sexy hair. It is freaking beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson is Leggy in Country Dress

  1. she looks like she just had sex…she looks dirty instead of sexy she just has that cheap i’m easy look she has no class what so ever it’s not the clothes it’s how you act…jessica is not country just like everything she does in music she’s a wannabe always has and probably always will…someone should make sure she has a tissue box beside her when she fails again this time around with her country album.

  2. Not sex?! Oh no! She should burn for that.

    Fails again? What makes her a failure? Her $300 million in revenue last year shoe and accessory collection? Her 2-gold and 3-multiplatinum albums? Being one of the most desirable women on the planet and getting to date rich and famous gents? The opportunity to be able to cross over to something different like country music? The opportunity to try to be an actress? How is any of that a failure? Trying does not equal failure. She may not be any good at it but it’s not for a lack of trying and it doesn’t make her a failure. What would make her a failure is listening to everyone bash her because they choose not to give the girl a chance.

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