Pam Anderson Verbally Slaps Jessica Simpson

Today the blogosphere has been abuzz over Jessica getting a verbal bitch slap from Pam Anderson. All because of her “real girl” shirt. Pam called Jessica a whore and a bitch. Seriously Pam? I guess you do have the expertise on what it takes to be a whore and a bitch. Though what qualifies Jessica as a whore? I’m not sure being a carnivore has anything to do with being a bitch or whore.  Maybe having sex tapes does. Or getting nude countless times in Playboy. I would consider that to be whore-like qualities. Poking fun at vegetarians, while maybe somewhat bitchy, is definitely not definable as a whore.

Here is Jessica in Manhattan showing of her toned and shapely legs. I like her casual but stylish look she has going on. She looks fresh, cute, natural and sexy. Pam is probably just jealous.

Jessica Simpson


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