Jessica Simpson Versus Carrie Underwood

Jessica versus Carrie. Seems that the blogosphere wants to make a big deal about Jessica wearing a “real girl” shirt in an apparent swipe at Carrie Underwood. If she was wearing it to get Carrie’s goat, that’s pretty funny. That takes some stones. If she was wearing it to piss of PETA. Excellent. It worked. What a sorry organization. Blogger everywhere are taking shots, as usual, at the girl.

For example, take the writer at the I Don’t Like You In That Way blog saying shit about Jessica. Interesting how the blogger takes casual shopping Jessica pictures and compares them against the, post-stylings for a performance, Carrie photos. His musings in summary:

Jessica Simpson Isn’t Pleased
In an obvious swipe at Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson wore her bitterness and jealousy on her shirt a few nights ago because her life is complete and utter fail. So, I’m sure this made her feel…

I wish my life was a failure like hers. $300 million dollar clothing and accessory company. 7 top-40 hits, two gold and three platinum records. Her reality show won a People’s Choice award for best reality show in 2005. A dubious honor at best, but at least she was on TV. She’s still one of the most desirable women on the planet. And I bet she’ll do just fine in country music. The girl has singing talent.

She continues to get a lot of shit from people. I don’t know the girl. Don’t care to know her. I don’t like her music. I think she’s got a long way to go to be an actress. But I think she’s got a lot more going for her than people give her credit for. Sure she has boy trouble, but what chick doesn’t? I admire her for being the success she is. And I think she is a smoking hot girl. Oh and here is that photo that IDLYITW posted of “Jessica Simpson looking like shit in Hollywood this weekend”.

Jessica Simpson

I see a chick with tight and firm legs coming back from shopping. She’s casual and doesn’t appear high maintenance. Her boots are fu-uh-ugly, but she’s cool and sporty with the ball cap. I don’t see any problems there.

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